Sustainable Sky, Unlocked.

eVTOL x Helium =


Only e-VTOL allowed to fly under existing EASA regulation
Zero Emission
up to 6 passengers
up to 120km/h
up to 120min endurance
Vertical Take off and Landing

gVTOL Revolution: Useful as a chopper, less the pollution, the noise, and the vibrations

E-LIUM shakes up all the codes of air mobility. When multirotor projects multiply, E-LIUM innovates and introduces a hybrid vehicle with aerodynamic lift thanks to its design, electro-motorized active lift and passive lift naturally due to helium, making E-LIUM the first gVTOL worlwide.

Pioneer in the hybrid approach to helium, e-lium responds to a need for environmental responsibility and decarbonization of means of transport. E-LIUM thus traces the route towards innovation resolutely more aligned with the environmental challenges of tomorrow and offers a multi-mission platform allowing private and public, civil and military uses.

In the city, on the coast, or in areas that are difficult to access, E-LIUM does not require special infrastructure and will improve the accessibility of territories and have a positive impact in many sectors: tourism, humanitarian, cargo transport, research. , surveillance, fire fighting while reducing the environmental impact of current solutions.



E-LIUM embarks on a highly conscientious journey by offering luxury air travel that leaves no trace of environmental footprint. Akin to an elegant catamaran soaring through the sky, e-lium floats in perfect harmony with nature’s elements,
unlocking remarkable scenes from around the world, even the most
inaccessible locations. Redefining the norms of tourism, E-LIUM offers an exceptional variety of destinations while sustaining its commitment to a zero carbon footprint.


E-LIUM presents a carbon-neutral alternative to taxis, shuttles,helicopters and trains, offering a luxurious and environmentally conscious way of passenger transportation. Whether flying across cityscapes or countryside, soaring over lakes, floating by the sea, crossing deserts or passing through forests, E-LIUM effortlessly accommodates up to six passengers without the constraints of any ground infrastructure.

Aerial Cargo

E-LIUM moves quickly in packed or isolated locations with exceptional efficiency, delivering significantly reduced emissions comparing to conventional ways of transportation. It revolutionizes mobility by facilitating access to distant lands. Particularly for humanitarian work, E-LIUM is emerging as a crucial resource, facilitating quick interventions during critical times by eliminating the need for heavy infrastructure.


E-LIUM opens up the opportunity to explore and observe harmoniously the most isolated sceneries from above, while maintaining harmony with its environment. With the growing demand for conscious scientific exploration, E-LIUM is emerging as an avant-garde solution that answers the demands of future researches.

The sustainable path of air transport

E-LIUM meets all the decarbonization objectives of aeronautics and transport. This innovative aircraft offers a unique experience in the world and combines cutting-edge technologies which will ultimately enable autonomous flights thanks to artificial intelligence and droneization of the system.

Technical characteristics

E-LIUM is the result of a hybrid system, combining airship, multi-rotor and aerodynamics. Its compact design allows it to take off and land on a standard helipad. With an autonomy of 2 hours and a speed of 120 km/h e-lium opens the doors to carbon-free air mobility with the first gVTOL in the world, the green eVTOL.

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Length16 m
CertificationUe 2018/1139
Volume Envelope400 m3
Motorization4×20 Kw
Speedup to 120 Km/h
Autonomyup to 120Min

87, avenue du Mistral
13600 La Ciotat, France

Flight Test Site:
Domaine du Planet
6581, route de Rians
83910 Pourrières